The Perseids Project

Perseids offers a free and open online environment to produce collaborative data-driven editions of ancient documents.

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Interacting with Ancient Documents

Since ancient documents, particularly text-based ones, can be difficult to access for non-specialists, our mission is to make it possible for editors to augment ancient texts with layers of explanatory materials in the form of annotations, image markup, commentary, and interactive graphs.

Facilitating Teamwork

Editors can set up communities and review boards so as to work in teams and review each other’s contributions, whether in classroom or research settings.

Cross-disciplinary Research

The platform is language-independent and currently accommodates Latin, Greek, and many other languages of the ancient and pre-modern world. This diversity means that we are fundamentally committed to a cross-disciplinary approach, and we encourage users to integrate data from other fields to enrich Humanities projects.

Open Data

In order to support widespread data sharing, our core value is to put the data first, making sure that data produced through Perseids is compliant with community standards for open data, interoperability, and technology independence.